Fitness Programs

Small Group Training Classes


Our small group classes are designed around our 3 phase KINETIK ENERGY METHOD-

  • Stamina Reinforcer: set the groundwork of your fitness by building stamina to push you through your workouts and prepare you for the next level of confidence you will hold after seeing progress.
  • Strength Booster: this does NOT mean big and bulky- for those looking to increase strength, you'll notice the physical changes in your body and abilities. For those with other fitness goals, you'll notice the strength you gain in your persona and drive. For EVERYONE- this is the phase where this fitness program takes you through a shift in mindset.
  • Fit Force: here is where you enter a new chapter in your life- a STRONGER you, a POSITIVE you, a CHAMPION YOU!! You've put in the work and now you're FEELING the results. This is where your life enters a new phase and you're ready to take on new goals and are excited for the road ahead! 
  • Personalized Meal Plan

    We go over a baseline meal plan to help "reset" your metabolism for maximum energy and foods you will LOVE to eat (no starvation diets!)

  • Unlimited Workouts

    30 minute, fat-blasting workouts designed to enhance ANY fitness level. You'll be sore, but excited to come back for more!

  • Super Support

    Support form our certified trainers and motivation from our awesome fitness community!

  • Results Tracking

    Tracking progress through photos, weigh-ins and circumference measurements help us make sure the workouts are effective.

  • Accountability

    You're not just another number to the studio, you're FAMILY. Our goal and mission is to help you succeed.

  • Designed for YOU

    We work around your challenges and setbacks and help you overcome them with an individualized program.

Results That LAST...

Private Personal Training

Sometimes, fitness goals are more intricate and need one-on-one attention to see them through to success. Or maybe group training isn't the right fit for you. That's why we provide specialized private fitness training sessions to help accomodate your exercise needs. Here, we can support you through an injury or recovery from a complication. We can also break down your exercise routines more efficiently and help teach you the proper ways to fuel yourself for optimal results. These individualized training sessions will help you find success in whatever path you may be on.


Sessions can be done privately one-on-one or even in couples with your significant other or workout buddy. The first step will be to schedule a fitness strategy session to discuss with a trainer your unique fitness goals and determine together the best plan of action for your fitness and wellness journey. Click the button below to schedule your STRATEGY SESSION with a trainer.

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