Our Vision

Here at Kinetik Performance, we believe exercise is medicine for your mind, body and soul! We understand that there are no two people alike and we all come across our own unique challenges to achieve our goals. That is why our personal training programs are created to give you a specialized resource to overcome your obstacles and define a path to success that works best for you! Our private studio provides a safe and non-intimidating environment and our personal training coaches give you fun, ever-changing and energetic workouts! It is our goal to provide Upland and the Inland Empire Community with the ability to take control of their health and transform their lives through exercise and fitness!

Our Mission

As we continue to outreach to the Upland and Inland Empire Community, our goal is to share our passion for health and wellness to people of all capabilities. Whether your confrontation is with weight loss or just maintaining your health to avoid chronic health problems, our personal training programs and boot camps will help provide you with results and FAITH in your body's aptitude. Our goal is to create a positive, powerful and enlightened fitness community with tools and support to overcome any fitness challenge.

The Facility

Kinetik Performance provides a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere for people of all fitness levels. Not only will you experience the luxury of fitness programming designed around your specific needs and challenges, you will also get to cherish what the benefits of exercise can cultivate for your well being. We believe exercise has the power to give you confidence you thought you couldn't summon, the resource to overcome your challenges and the control of your health! Come in and experience what Kinetik Performance can do for you!

Coach Raymond

Hello! My name is Raymond Gonzales and I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. My passion for health and exercise started at a very young age while playing football competition got tougher. I played three years of Varsity football at Los Osos High School and I graduated in 2015. Shortly after, I got my certification and started majoring in Kinesiology at Chaffey College, and I've been striving to help others reach their goals since then. It is my honor and privilege to guide you on this exciting journey to a more healthy lifestyle!

Coach Kaycie Beltran

Hey everyone, my name is Kaycie and I am the creator and owner of Kinetik Performance. My development for the love of health and fitness began in my childhood as an athlete, primarily through soccer. I went through some tough injuries in high school and college that gave me an appreciation for what the human body is truly capable  of accomplishing! I have found a passion for helping others see what their true potential is through exercise and fitness and by coaching people to understand the multitude of benefits that exercise provides. My favorite way to stay fit and active these days are running around and playing with my 4 year old son- who is a constant ball of energy that keeps me on my toes! Truly enjoy maintaining his active spirit and he and my family give me the strength to continue my own pursuit of health and wellness.

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